Character Breakdowns -- Love Eclectic


SOPHIE, 26, attractive, fit, smart, endearing, owns a quaint fashion consignment shop in a hip uptown area.  She wears edgy one-of-a-kind outfits and dreams of starting her own fashion line and traveling around the world. 



JACK, 26, casual, endearing, playful, handsome in a lonesome poet sort of way, with a five-day stubble, and messy hair.  House is a mess.  Dreams of being a famous writer and loves to act out scenes from old movies with his girl friend Sophie (lead).



MO, 24, works with Sophie (lead) in a hip fashion consignment store, wears an edgy mix of vintage clothes, (maybe purple hair), pointy glasses, and has a dry and direct manner that is endearingly quirky.



Mr. BOMBO, 62, a plumb, flamboyant, sometimes cross-dressing Haitian with knowledgeable eyes and a thick French accent.


TOMMY, 28, a rugged overbearing wilderness type, friendly, loyal, likes to party.  

Best friends with Jack (the boyfriend to the lead).


SKEETER, 26, long-hair, glazed eyes, surfer dude who likes to be the center of attention. Parties hard.  Conniving.  Gives lots of unsolicited advice.


KURT, 32, an attorney who wears a sleek blazer with an open collar, totally buff and knows it.  Cocky.  Persistent.   Presumptive. 


VALERIE, 40, a top-shelf ad exec who wears a hot designer outfit with the top undone and lots of sexy elegance.  But when she meets Jack (boyfriend of the lead) sheÕs a tipsy cougar with smeared lipstick.


MR. EVANS, 55, (JackÕs dad), conservatively dressed, established, successful, sincere, putÕs up with Jack and gives good advice. 


NATALIA, 19, a house cleaner in skinny jeans and sneakers, sexy, fit, with a no-nonsense Russian accent like a drill sergeant. 


IGOR, 28, a big and threatening bear, who swills beer at a party with blaring Russian folk music and drunken dancing.  He tries to seduce Sophie, but she ends up bamboozling him instead.