RE: “Love Eclectic”


We’re looking forward to seeing you on location next week! 


Just a quick update. 

My earlier character notes to you reversed Day-1 and Day-2 -- since we are shooting “out of sequence” -- the Jazz night club comes first on Monday, and the casual bar on Tuesday. 

You’ll need two outfits:


Monday:  is a fancy nightclub.  She’s on a date with Jack, wearing something sophisticated (but she could have met him after work and be a sleek business suit) -- either way, she’s doing things to make it extra sexy, like unbuttoning a couple blouse buttons.


Tuesday: is at a casual neighborhood tavern.  She has stopped by after work (on valentines day).  Maybe she’s wearing a business trench coat which opens up when she moves closer to Jack, and underneath is a sophisticated but sexy dress.  Maybe she has her hair up in a tight bun -- but then lets it down.  


Valerie is forceful, domineering, and even though she is a bit tipsy in the tavern scene she has refined mannerisms befitting a successful business executive.  She’s also sexy.  And she’s focused on Jack -- our leading man -- and she knows exactly what she wants.    She’s a bit like Kim Catrell in “Sex and the City”.