Mighty Rose Films, is the registered trade name for Romance Production One LLC, a film production company registered in the state of Washington, producing films for theatrical exhibition and online streaming.  All inquiries should be sent to: Bill Brown (producer) — Bill@MightyRoseFilms.com

“Love Eclectic”   *available commercially Fall of 2018

Logline:   A disastrous Valentine’s Day leads to a nasty breakup for an eclectic couple but the discovery of a winning lottery ticket may prove to be the way to bring them back together.

The Story:   It all starts in a retro consignment shop owned by Sophie — who dreams of starting her own fashion line and traveling around the world.  But on a disastrous Valentine’s Day she breaks up with her boyfriend and then discovers a lottery ticket she put in his valentine is worth millions.  None of her schemes to get it back work, and things spiral out of control, leading to a final show-down with a crazy Russian gangster who has the ticket but doesn’t know it.

Film Details:
–99 mins
–shot in 4k
–mastered in 1080p HD
–postproduction completed Oct. 2017

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